Admissions Policy

  • Phone secretary to make an appointment with the relevant group Directress and principal. You will be notified of space availability/waiting list.
  • Do a short interview before being taken on a tour of the environment.
  • Set up observation times at the directresses’ convenience such that the child can be assessed. An indemnity form together with contact details to be filled out.
  • A second appointment will be scheduled for feedback and status of space availability; successful applicants will be given placing document.
  • Application for Admission document, Enrolment Contract and all requirements as detailed in the APPLICATION DOCUMENT to be met prior to child attending Lifestyle Montessori.
  • Documentation from previous school and all assessments done on child to be made available upon application for admission.
  • Non-payment of fees by the 15th of the month in attendance will result in suspension.
  • Non-adherence to the operational values and rules of the school despite, communication will result in expulsion.

Movements between environments

Once the Directress of the relevant environments deems the child Academically and Emotionally ready to move to the next environment viz. from Toddler to Pre-School or Pre-School to Junior Primary or Junior Primary to Senior Primary, the following Procedure is followed:

i)  The child and his parents will be notified of the intention to allow the child visits to the prospective environment.
ii) The child’s readiness to be assimilated into the prospective environment will be assessed.
iii) Once this is completed, feedback will be given to the parent regarding the status of the move.
iv) A “meeting” will be set up to forward this information.
v) The parent will be notified in writing such that the proper fee adjustments are made.

The movement of the child will depend solely upon his/her assessed readiness. No other factors will influence this decision.

School Fees Schedule

Monthly Termly Annualy








Primary 1




Primary 2




Primary 3




In addition to the school fees, there will also be certain other charges as detailed below:

  1. There will be a refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s fees for all new
    entries to the school.
  2. All returning students will be levied with an update to the existing deposit, i.e. the difference between the deposit in 2023 and the deposit in 2024.

3. A once off PTA levy of R950 per family is payable for all new incumbents. This is payable to and managed by the PTA.

4. There is also a “Cultural” levy of R350 per term. This will be included on your statement monthly, termly or annually depending on the payment option you’ve chosen. This is to cover the cost of cultural events such as field trips. If this is insufficient to cover the actual costs incurred, an additional charge for the difference may be levied during the course of the year.

5. Non-Refundable registration fee of R 550.00.

Additional notes:

1. Monthly fees are payable in advance, by no later than the 1st of the month. Late payment will result in an interest and administration charge of R5 per day computed from the 1st of the month.

2. Termly fees are payable by the 3rd of the month of the beginning of term (January, May, September).

Payment after the third will result in forfeiture of the discount. Payment after the 3rd of the month will result in an interest and administration charge of R5 per day computed from the 1st of the month.

3. Bank Details
First National Bank Account
Name : Lifestyle Montessori School
Account No. 62060554336
Branch- 25 22 45
Reference: Child Name

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